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Former Employee - Sales says

"No getting into management Part time job"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Inexperienced management, no support, no communication, long days standing in empty dog food aisles in grocery stores, low pay, no mileage"

Former Employee - Director says

"Almost too many to list let's start with no infrastructure, lack of experienced management, extreme politics, lack of direction, zero training, very poor culture"

Former Employee - Demo Manager says

"where to begin - was a 9 year employee - admired by many and praised by most - decided to report sexual assault and the harassment from my director and was told by the owner to take it to HR, which I did - they did nothing and actually asked if I was "sure" I wanted to report it - when nothing was done, I went to legal - and essentially was told to sit down and be quiet (I didn't know the GM acquisition was taking place) _ they eventually tried to "coach me out" as tactic used to save from paying unemployment - When they announced the acquisition to us (via facebook, after it happened) - I decided to quit - they offered compensation for me to fade away - it turned out to be a pittance after truly dedicating my 9 years to working with them and helping them grow into what they are today - so sad that it ended that way and nobody cared"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Kills dogs, weekends, slow stores"

Current Employee - "Pet Detective" says

"A, Having to harass people in the pet store your assigned to. The "field management" are a joke, they look and act like they must have been recruited from a trailer park. C, The upper management gave everyone "kool-aid" to drink about how they pride on independence and honesty, meanwhile they secretly sold out to big corporation GM D, Expect a part time employee to attend conference calls, read and reply to emails, answer and call management on their own time, given tasks to do while "off the clock"."

Current Employee - Pet Detective says

"Poor management, pay, hours., and no opportunity for advancement. The rebate process is a pain. You are lucky if you do all the steps right and receive it. This company required us to enter our counts in off the clock for each shift for my first 2 years here. This could add up to as much as 20-30 minutes a week of unpaid time. Recently, the switched to telephony which eliminated this but I still don't see how it was legal or required for us to put in so much time off the clock for so many years."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Over worked! Under paid! Bullied! Poor quality product!"

Former Employee - Veterinary Clinic Specialist says

"Veterinarians are not interested in this new to the market veterinary line of food. They recommend the long term proven Veterinary Diets of Hill's and Royal Canin. No long term science, or published articles. The company just settled huge lawsuit filed by Purina and they additionally have constant voluntary recalls which stack the deck against you. Feels like you are swimming upstream. Multiple sales force and management layoffs and downsizing. Moral is not good as many fear the loss of their job. This is a startup division that... time will tell if it survives. Outlook in the veterinary industry does not look good."

Former Employee - Brand Ambassador says

"Weak, uninvolved, inflexiible, unresponsive and erratic local management. Poorly constructed program with uncompetitive wage rates."

Distributor Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"No management experience. Reps put into management positions run by others also set up that way. All yes men who are insecure and kept on edge with a culture of put up and shut up direction.. So much waste in money loss by mistakes and lack of experience.. yet manager not accountable for it.. Rep on team when receiving pop through directly into dumpster. Boss knew about it and did nothing"

Retired Director Of Sales Pet Food Company (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management from company! I won every award they had not even a Thank You! DM was very I went to Purina and became the TOP DEMO PERSON!Grain FREE easy to sell in Duck formulationWorking at Petsmart, & Petco, and telling why products at Walmart"

Pet Representative (Former Employee) says

"Boring. Work only weekends. No flexibility with your schedule. You will not get support needed if you have questions. No benefits. No Holidays. Pay is low considering you are giving up EVERY weekend to work for the company."

Pet Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company will not stand behind there employees .they allow harassment .I was harassed at pet smart by the nasty lady and her drone's she called workers .I was treated very poorly by pet smart and Blue Buffalo believed them Over me .Blue Buffalos food is lousy and make dogs sick beware .very boring job overall.. extremely poor management.Also never shop pet smart they are over pricedNo prosPoor mangement"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The foods are okay and are touted as a much higher quality than reality. The company makes it a habit to criticize and point fingers at other companies. Blue buffalo sales meetings are very unprofessional and include lots of profanity and middle fingers given to competition by leadership team. There are many exclusive factions within the company that excludes others. Not many opportunities for advancement unless you are part of the “Good old boys club”. This herd does not stick togetherA heavy marketed company with lots of hype.More hype than quality"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"they say the food is high quality when in reality is they put a bunch of bad fillers in the food to push out more volume so they can sell it in more stores."

Pet detective (Former Employee) says

"Mismanaged, lie to the employees and manager lies to you as well. Did this for a year-never could access payroll records, taxed u on pet food purchased,after u paid the tax once, claiming this was a perk, pressured u to buy their food. Do not recommend this job to anyone.Great plains leasing sold out to General much for family. Pet stores did not promote their brand-gimmicks.NoneMismanaged, liars"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Restrictive, paranoid, not completely truthful, increasingly having more recalls and issues with other companies. Need better management and organization. Product formulas are lacking in quality. Formulas changing. Its very pressure sales based.Partial reimbursement on one bag of food a monthLack of appreciarion of employees, unresonable restrictions, management issues"

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"I have applied two times for a position and both times had someone reach out via email and scheduled a pre-set appointment only to wait around and have them not call me. If your going to set a phone interview up atleast have the decency to call them or reach out via email if your no longer interested. This just shows what type of company they are and the sad part is my pets only eat Blue products but they seem to not care about the image they send out to the public. They want a Brand Ambassador but they do a poor job in promoting themselves as a good employer. Very disappointed in wasting my time in this company.NoneWaste of time"

Sales Coordinator/Representative (Former Employee) says

"Un-organized managers, poorly planned systems, and hard on workers and and hard to contact ans too many people doing same.job...Disappointed because the product is good but unfair services to employees.get to see cute petsdisorganized, rude, not planned well, horrible manners"

pet detective (Former Employee) says

"This company workers are pathetic and unprofessional, i submitted a resume for a job open in my area on a SUNDAY, that SAME day received a call (THEY SEEM PRETTY DESPERATE) a lady tells me she is sending out and email that I must respond to to confirm a phone interview the following day, and if i did not respond and confirm the email she told me i would not receive a call. When i asked her what email address it was sent to she could not even tell me. SO after seeing how they call me back within 20 minutes of submitting a resume online on a sunday and how the lady could not even inform me of what email it was sent to, I decided not to confirm the phone interview for the next day. WELL when the next day comes, sure enough i received AN UNWANTED UN-COnfirmed call which i was told i would only receive once i responded to the conformation email. SO i decided not to answer the call hoping that this would be the end of the story, WRONG, the following day, DAY 3, i received yet ANOTHER CALL although i did not confirm ANYTHING. SO i decided to PRESS THE IGNORE BUTTON on this one, LITERALLY 3 mins later i received and email from the same person claim that and i quote "Dear JON, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider you for employment. We have reviewed your background and qualifications and find that we do not have an appropriate position for you at this time. We appreciate your interest in Blue Buffalo Co. Sales & Demo and wish you success in your job search. Sincerely, The Blue Buffalo Recruiting Team" I received it due to ignoring ones call in whichnoneAll"

Flunky (Former Employee) says

"Pompous area supervisor played the waiting game and took his royal time to make a decision. Met for interview and then for in-store training. Was handed a pile of papers and then started the next day. It wasn't until I had completed one day and was getting ready to go to work the next day that I saw the unrealistic sales goals that he didn't even have the guts to discuss!In a small store, 4 sales an hour is ridiculous!I like pets and like speaking with people, but in a small store with the store manager intercepting the majority of the clientele and selling his "favorites" or people knowing exactly what they want and not wanting to have their time wasted, it is impossible to do what this co. requests.Also, they deny any claims of contaminated food, although there have been news reports of said contamination!In order to have a clear conscience, decided couldn't do what they asked.none except perhaps receiving free dog food and couponseverything else!"

Account Manager-Outside Sales (Current Employee) says

"Blue Buffalo is one of the worst condescending organizations. The job was the lowest paying compared to what competitors offered. Although I learned a lot about pet nutrition on my own accord, it was not appreciated. The hours were minimal consisting of 4-8 hours a week if I was lucky. It was an overall boring job standing around. Yet it was very competitive selling against other brand manufacturers when business picked up. No bonuses were ever given for performance. I never met any of the staff except for my manager who I saw twice in two years. They never appreciated the extra hours I did when I had to assist a customer after my shift was completed. They had a very poor reporting system of faxing in time sheets causing miscommunication. This resulted in the manager threatening to fire people who could not get their reports in time because the fax was busy. Although the product is good the marketing and sales infrastructure is the worst I've EVER seen!The only thing I enjoyed was working with the customers and helping make their pets healthy. Even that was overlooked my management.none!!unappreciative management, lousy pay, threat tactics, poor training, long distance management from the united states, high turnover, poor morale, no perks, no discounts on product"

Sales ambassador (Former Employee) says

"They want you to work in grocery stores who handle their products. They removed us from pet stores where you have relationships the pet parents and their animals."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Working for the corporate office was like military boot camp. I was constantly harassed, and screamed at in this position by a senior level analyst. When brought up the issue to HR I was let go. They expect you to sit in your cube all day and not talk or contribute ideas. Because I was a younger girl I was constantly looked down upon and put in uncomfortable situations, management is never around to prevent things from happening. I would not recommend this company for anyone young who is trying to grow their careerBring your dog to work when management is management"

Sales representative (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as sales representative in October, 2009, and worked until now in north county, San Diego. On Monday, June 25, I emailed my supervisor, Lindsey, because I had not received my work schedule for July. I received a two sentence email advising me that "As of July 1st, we will not need your services anymore. Thank you for your service and best of luck to you in the future."Until this email, I had no idea that I was in danger of being terminated. In the two and one half years that I worked for Blue Buffalo, I was a top producing sales person, having sold over 6,300 bags of pet food. I have also won many awards as a top producing sales person for Blue while missing only one shift because of sickness. I still have not been officially contacted and given a reason for my termination.i loved the product and was passionate about selling it.imposssibly rude and woefully under-trained supervisor"

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"The Brand Ambassador position is full of intentionally misleading requirements. The company states there are no quotas and that the Ambassadors are not expected to meet certain sales. But if the employee does not meet vague expectations, they are reprimanded or released, despite doing exactly as they are told."

Pet detective (Former Employee) says

"The job was ok. Management was down right awful. I started with the company in 2007. My issue was with my lying manager. Here is the deal. I started out with Blue when Blue was the new kid on the block in dog and cat food. I had a number of ideas on how to improve blues website to be user friendly. I gave my suggestion and ideas to my manger. She in turned took my ideas for her own. The website layout was my idea and the training videos was my idea also. So when I saw the website and training Video I blew a gasket. I asked the manager did she receive credit for my ideas. That fool told me yes she did receive recognition for my ideas. Then this fool asked me did I have any more ideas and for sure I would receive credit for anything I submitted from this point onward. She told me this during one of those boring training session when I saw make ideas in full bloom. After the training session I walked out and never looked back. I mailed my blue stuff to my manger's house and wrote on the Box I quite. Contacting Blue to voice my concern was pointless there was no number to call and I guess this is the reason so many people come to this site to voice their concerns about working for Blue. Anyhoo the food is not that great and Purina is suing Blue and Blue Buffalo filed a countersuit against Purina today 5/2014. Purina claims Blue is a lying dog about the ingredients in the cat and dog food, particular the life source bits. Purina's claim is that Blue life source bits has awful by-products. As for being a Pet detective the job is a dead end job. So if you have nothingMoney incentivesWorking every weekend"

sales (Former Employee) says

"interviewed for position on phone first...she told me she was eating a cookie (very professional) I had to wait until she finished to start conversation. During the phone interview I was told to wear a blue shirt and bring Id and voided check at our meeting. When I did meet her I was interviewed in an aisle at the store. It was the worst interview I have ever experienced! I was shocked when I saw her. She looked a mess. She took me straight to the dog food, then the cat section and said I would only be selling cat food. It was like pulling teeth to get any information out of her. Regardless, one would expect some sort of professionalism from a Regional Manager in any situation.nonePoor pay!"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about their employees at all or their family's. Gives you no time off. Management are terrible to their employees. They just like to play games and turn their employees against each other."

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